• Hello & Welcome!

    My name is Shawna: I am a list loving, rainbow color-coding Project Manager. My passion is creating processes that solve problems to serve people. This is my driving force and the underlying principle to how and why I work, across industries.

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    Delightfully Unflappable

    I maintain exemplary calm in bizarre situations and turn tension into an opportunity for delight. I fluidly respond to changing priorities and am exceedingly capable both running behind-the-scenes logistics and as the face of the company. A wholehearted ambivert, I love being the bright spot in a person's day. I'm always working to make a difference in the lives of my coworkers and our customers.



  • What I Do

    Project Management

    A colleague used the term Focus Facilitator to describe my innate ability to untangle confusion and create order from chaos. I navigate ambiguity into clarity with ease and streamline for efficiency. I focus on building consensus and strong relationships while delivering projects on time and under budget.

    Customer Support

    I consistently create a delightful people experience across industries. I excel at anticipating needs and embrace challenges while solving problems for real human beings with timely, empathetic help. I operate from a service mentality, drawing on over a decade in hospitality and retail and 8+ years in nonprofits.

  • Values

    People Matter

    I love creating connections and helping people feel valued. I strongly believe we are nothing without each other. I’m here to do the best work of my life for the good of the community.

    Ask Why

    Excellent service is fueled by curiosity and the drive to do and be better. The gold is in the follow up questions, and answers. Be curious. Ask why as many times as it makes sense.

    Choose Joy

    I prioritize the wellbeing and happiness of myself and others.
    I believe in choosing to be thoughtful, intentional, and do what I say I'm going to do. I choose joy.

  • What People Say

    Shawna's astute awareness of workflows and efficiency made it possible for her to see areas in our organization that could be adjusted for greater time efficiency, and greater public representation of our product lines and services. This ultimately led to increased profitability. She very quickly became my right hand employee as I had total confidence in the aspects I delegated to her. Not only trusting that she would handle them with high competence, but that she would also be able to improve methods and troubleshoot in a way that always led to positive business outcomes.

    - Amor Valdez | Owner, Amores Yarn Studio & Shop

    Shawna was Educational Conference Manager for multiple events small & large and she managed all the details of coordinating and communicating, as well as handling all of the administrative work in our department solo (after we lost positions via budget cuts). Even with this workload, she took ownership of redesigning our website, scoping out new vendors and working with our team to create a much improved, more user friendly brand and contemporary website. She saw this through right to the end, staying on longer than she had planned, all while preparing for a cross-country move.

    - Maggie Minnock | Director, Regional Program for Women & Children's Health, Dartmouth-Hitchcock

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